Although she has a very demanding work schedule she always manages to amaze us with her unique style, exceptional elegance and simplicity. Lena Korres, Brand Development Director of the company “Korres Natural Products”, is without a doubt a charming, powerful and successful woman of today and tomorrow. She is therefore the ideal person to have a talk with, on the most dynamic color of all time, the black!


Color black. How would you describe it?

Absolute. Timeless. Intense. Strong.

– One thing (or more…) that comes into your mind when you hear the word “black”?

Our new makeup line “BLACK VOLCANIC MINERALS” or simply “THE BLACKEST BLACK”!  
Also, everlasting songs like Βlack Velvet, Black Magic Woman, Back to Black.

– Do you incorporate total black outfits in your wardrobe?  If yes, how often?

To be honest, not very often! I love black clothing only when it’s combined with blue-black or white.

– What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe and why?

My black riding boots because I think they flatter me!

– A famous total black outfit:

Catherine Deneuve into a black smoking for Chanel No.5 advertisement in the 1970s. A look to be remembered…

– Who of the fashion designers has better-represented color black?

The first designer who comes into my mind, mostly because of her subversive and innovative spirit, is Coco Chanel with her Little Black Dress. She wanted to design a timeless, elegant piece in a “neutral” color and the history has endorsed her!

– An unforgettable piece of art:

The B&W photos of Greece by Elliott Erwitt. Beautiful, timeless, romantic, genuine. They could have been -and in some degree have been- the greatest advertising campaign of our country abroad.

– Would you dare to use black color at home and to what extent?

But we used it in our offices! Black color dominates our building and you can see it even in the meeting rooms!



– “Black Volcanic” line by Korres provides absolute black color with duration and stability. What’s the secret behind?

Our main goal was to redefine our favorite make up essentials; the mascara and eyeliner. We wanted to create a line that would have an impressive, professional result while strengthening the lashes and conditioning the eyes with their rich natural ingredients.
For the first time, the main focus is the Black Volcanic Minerals. These vital volcanic minerals are responsible for the deep, intense color effect and the significant stimulating result of all the products in “Black Professional” collection.

Do you think that black color in makeup flatters all women?

Without black, all the colors lose their intensity and depth.  The same goes for the face too, so I believe that black color in makeup can help every woman to accentuate her features.

– The “Professional Black” collection has been created and released as a trend or an “all-time classic”?

All time classic, of course! The “Professional Black” collection is inspired by make-up artists and is based on minerals, a natural alternative to conventional makeup options while focuses on the color black as the most timeless color associated with power and intensity.

– Is there an exceptional black component used in cosmetics?

The epigallocatechin gallate from Black Pine. It is the main component of our new anti-aging line of the same name that combines a global innovation – based on a Nobel Prize- with a new survey on skin firming with natural ingredients. It is a very powerful polyphenol of natural origin, with excellent result in skin firming.

– Eventually black is…?

The color of any tendency.

Lena Korres Interview // the CODE Magazine


The Black Issue – February 2013 (Archive)