Although born in the 5th arrondissement almost 60 years ago and still a resident, not once since diptyque was founded, has it shared the story of its life in Paris. To make amends for such a long silence, and after the Venice of Olène, the Greece of Philosykos, the Vietnam of Do Son and the Japan of Oyédo, it is paying dual homage to its birthplace giving us a good reason to celebrate the “city of light”…

Primarily a child of the Parisian Left Bank and contrary to the belief of being anchored in London or New York Diptyque uncovers the story behind the inspiration. Since storytelling lies at the heart of everything Diptyque creates, it’s no surprise that there is more to its latest fragrance Eau Capitale, than meets the eye.
“Fragrance is an art, but not always a scented art,” says Olivia Grimaux, global communications director at the brand. “[At Diptyque] it’s a mix of the story, the drawing and the fragrance, which is unique in perfumery.”  


It all started on avenue de l’Opéra. Not long ago, the House moved into a beautiful apartment on the “noble floor” of a Haussmann-style building located on this major road. The incredible ceiling heights, large windows, bordering balconies, marble fireplaces, herringbone parquet floors, and mouldings seduced Diptyque, instantly.  But it was just behind a hidden door where the vision was created. Lined with ceramic frescoes teeming with parrots, multi-coloured peacocks, ocean views and flourishing vegetation, the bathroom of Sarah Bernardt – a masterpiece of Art Nouveau – ignited the creative spirits.  For Diptyque, Art Nouveau is the visual expression of Paris. It’s also linked to the history of the brand and the first-ever label illustrations by Desmond Knox-Leet, one of their founders. 

And this is how a new composition dedicated to Paris before the Great War, was created.

“Being a Parisian is not about being born in Paris, it is about being reborn there”

-Sacha Guitry-


Eau Capitale is the first diptyque chypre and as such it follows a principle conceived more than a century ago. Olivier Pescheux, a high-flying perfumer and faithful companion, nevertheless took care to illuminate it with the lights of the 21st century! An “abstract”, enigmatic fragrance, it embodies a form of slightly detached refinement of the elegance exuded by the aura of the “city of light”.

“Eau Capitale is a rosy Chypre: it matches perfectly with the Diptyque universe, it is unique and timeless. Its elegance is highlighted by the nobility of the raw materials that were used: rose of Bulgaria, patchouli coeur from Indonesia, Italian bergamot… It is distinguished from other chypre by its signature (olfactory accident brought by the essence of pink peppercorn), its refinement and diffusion.”

“For me, Paris was a chypre, but a rose chypre. It had to contain rose because Paris is rose. But my favourite note to work with is patchouli, so of course, you’ll find it here! It’s so rich, and you can find many stories in it – you’re transported around the world when you smell it.”

A genderless fragrance, Eau Capitale can be worn by both men and women.


A candle is the very least that diptyque could add to this celebration – a rose candle, of course.

Roses like those of Bagatelle in the Bois de Boulogne and the Flower Market, that lovers still offer to their amour. Some are an aromatic delight, most are not. But the idea we make of it matters almost as much: a certain spring emotion, the pleasure of living here and watching the Seine flow by from a bistro terrace. 

The scent that goes up in smoke (chypre, of course) has a pleasant freshness, a host of petals and the memory of patchouli that lingers long on drapes.


Paris en Fleur Scented Candle // Paris en Fleur Scented Oval

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Courtesy of diptyque