Kate Upton came to succeed Katie Holmes as the new face of Bobbi Brown. It seems that her beauty and positive energy are perfectly aligned with the company’s philosophy “Be who you are”. But above all, Kate Upton is a woman who creates her own rules, loves life and presents a healthy role modelAnd Kate Upton? What does she say about all this? And what does she state herself to be? A model? An actress? An ambassador? A horse-riding champion? The Other Woman? Or maybe the new Marilyn Monroe, as they used to call her? theCode|Magazine presents Kate Upton through the magical lens of Bobbi Brown.

She first appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated and a year later in the American Vogue wearing a swimsuit photoshoot by Mario Testino. An American herself, she was brought up in Florida, starting her career as a model at 15 in Miami and was a horse riding champion at 12.
Today, she doesn’t have time to be photographed and read film scripts. “In the beginning I had many men courting me and also got female fans. It wasn’t something I intended, it just happened”, she said to Alexa Chung.
A woman with curves that needed to fight with her agency in order to be sent on castings, as she says. The phrase that made her even more famous? It was when Sophia Neophitou rejected her for a Victoria Secret casting by saying, “We would never be able to use her.  She is like a Page 3 girl, like a footballer’s wife with very blonde hair and that sort of face that anyone who has a lot of money to spend, could go and buy”.

-Why was Kate Upton chosen? Is Bobbi Brown now just focused on models and celebrities and not on real women anymore?

Our brand empowers women to be comfortable in their own skin and celebrate their natural beauty. Kate is a beautiful, strong, determined woman who has achieved success as a result of her confidence and ambition—but above all else, Kate embraces Bobbi Brown’s belief that beauty and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand.

-Wasn’t your Pretty Powerful campaign designed to help women address the fact that what theysee in magazines does not have to be realistic for them?

Pretty Powerful is about being comfortable in your own skin, knowing what’s important to you, and doing what makes you happy. A Pretty Powerful woman -like Kate- knows that when you enjoy life and feel good about yourself, there’s no limit to what you can do.