There is no doubt that the Greek brand KORRES has a unique way to arouse our excitement with its innovations, creating products that have become cult over the years.

What do you know about microbiome?

Back in 2003, in early summer, I remember a “special” launch taking place in a sunny estate in Kifissia. The then-new beauty brand Korres would be presenting a groundbreaking after sun based on yogurt.

Yogurt as an ingredient in an after-sun product is perhaps the most anticipated product by a nature-inspired Greek brand. We wondered why we hadn’t seen it before. Lena Filippou-Korres gave us the answer: “It took 3 years to stabilize the formula. When we say that it contains edible yogurt, we are literally speaking. We are not talking about some elements of natural yogurt. We are talking about the real thing, real, edible yogurt, and we are very proud to officially announce that this formula is an innovation worldwide.

Since then, the Yogurt Cooling Gel has become a huge, timeless best seller and rightly so: I personally swear by its name and you can always find one in my house, not just in the summer bag, but also in the kitchen, because I have found it to be the best product for home burns, much faster and more effective than pharmaceutical products intended for the same use.

Korres Hydra-Biome Probiotic Superfood Face Mask

Today, 16 years later, many things have changed for the Korres brand, which is now an ever-growing beauty brand for markets all around the world. As a tribute to one of its most successful products, the brand presents Hydra-Biome™ Probiotic Superdose Face Mask as its first international launch, which, besides the yogurt, boasts another important innovation: it has been studied and formulated especially to relieve – balance the microbiome of the skin.

Microbiome is a term we will all be coming across very often in the near future, as it is the new, very promising research field for the biggest cosmetics companies worldwide.

To put it in simple terms, the microbiome is essentially the ecosystem of the skin, consisting of all the micro-organisms that “inhabit” it, protect it and maintain its natural balance. This balance can be disrupted by factors such as stress, fatigue, bad nutrition, air pollution, even cosmetics themselves. So the idea is to nourish our skin with the good bacteria that keep it in balance and get rid of the bad ones.
The products that aim to balance the microbiome of the skin are the big innovation of 2019-2020 (some say even the next decade) and respond to the ever-increasing consumer demand for “cleaner” products and more natural formulas as part of a wider ecosystem.

The new Hydra-Biome ™ Probiotic Superdose Face Mask is a groundbreaking product as it combines the benefits of a Greek superfood such as yogurt with advanced microbiome technology.

Now you know why this face mask is so much different from any other you have tried to date.

So… will you be trying it out?


Charitomeni Vonta

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