Borgo Egnazia is like a breathing tale of Puglia, spoken by the ancient culture of the land and by the sheer beauty of its nonpareil architecture. It happens every hour of the year: you come and live your time here, and nature is powerful, peace is intense, harmony is full. It’s a place where you meet yourself. 

VAIR’s philosophy is that feeling better is directly linked to our way of approaching life and relating to others. Every detail and treatment is infused with the soul of southern Italy, and particularly that of Puglia. Puglia is where your trip begins, but it’s also the perfect destination: it is an authentic land with ancient popular traditions, healthy natural therapies and a hospitable people with an unparalleled joie de vivre. This local reality served as inspiration for developing treatments that softly smooth the body and embrace, loosen, and relax the muscles, helping one rediscover the essence of things. At Vair, they hold you, patiently and tenderly, so you can reset your internal compass. The main building, known as La Corte, hosts many of Borgo Egnazia’s services, including Due Camini restaurant and Vair Spa. The décor combines Mediterranean tradition and modern design.

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