2017 is the year of Gabrielle, the iconic-founder of CHANEL. In tribute to its creator the House unveiled its first “pillar” new fragrance after 15 years and women around the world are excited to welcome the new scent in their perfume wardrobes. Each CHANEL fragrance is a chapter in the story of Gabrielle illustrating a love, a friendship, a place, a memory or a journey that marked her life. To appreciate the new scent you should first understand the personality of the woman who bears its name.





Before Coco, the designer – a nickname that has become legendary, used only by her close, personal friends as everybody else referred to her as Mademoiselle – she was Gabrielle, the woman. From one role to the next, Gabrielle was the one who led the way. A rebel at heart, and a renegade by example. A woman in love, passionate, unbowed, she remained defiant in the face of the obstacles blocking her path to the destiny she had chosen for herself. She was a Leo, actually, who couldn’t be tamed.
GABRIELLE CHANEL fragrance invites women to have faith in who they are and what they are capable of achieving to find their own voice. A contemporary, timeless and inspiring message. A message that encourages us to follow Gabrielle and become who we’ve always wanted to be deep down, without ever giving up. An ode to the CHANEL woman, to its creator and, through her, to all women of all ages and all walks of life.
This fragrance is her, is us.
Majestic, courageous, valiant, bold and passionate feminine.

Fully steeped in the philosophy of the House of CHANEL and its founder, the promotional film speaks of a race towards freedom, an endless battle against the diktats that tend to capture and cage women in. It is the beating of a heart, an energy that streams forth and overcomes all obstacles. It is a metaphor of life, both timeless and topical, diffused through a solar and luminous fragrance synonymous with passion, style and freedom. 

The fragrance itself is described as an «abstract floral». Perfumer Olivier Polge has given CHANEL flowers a brand new voice. He began by selecting ylang-ylang, jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose grown in Grasse and created an ideal white flower, drawing upon all of the floral varieties ever recorded in the history of CHANEL. In his own words «it’s very fresh, very feminine. I would describe it as luminous, solar – radiant»


Edited by
Ada Nikolaou

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