With his sculptures, Cristóbal Balenciaga has influenced how fashion is shaped, and continues to do so. At this amazing exhibition, at Victoria&Albert Museum, in London, one can see a hundred of Balenciaga’s creations, as well as designs, photographs, fabric samples, and material from his fashion shows.

The most innovative element is undoubtedly the usage of X Rays. The V&A team worked with x-ray artist Nick Veasey to see the inner workings of Balenciaga’s couture gowns. “We’d never been able to explain what the ties at the hem of our fuchsia ballgown did. When looking at the x-rays students suggested that perhaps these tied around the legs. We tried it on the mannequin and suddenly it all made sense, and created this harem-pant look at the front with a 19th century bustle in the back”, says Veasey.
Among others, you will admire single-seam coats, ballooning skirts and capes resembling a stack of three green, or pompoms still looking like clothes for the  adventurous woman of the future. Also, his must-have off-the-shoulder parkas from autumn-winter 2016. Moreover, the exhibition features a display of 20 original Balenciaga amazing hats, including the spiral design (in our photo) from 1962.

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the code magazine Balenciaga Shapping fashion
the code magazine Balenciaga Shapping fashion


Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion
Victoria & Albert
Until 18 February, 2018