Or The Lady who Reads. Until the beginning of 2017, Fondazione Musei Civizi di Venezia is hosting a black and white exhibition with Mademoiselle Coco in the library of her own home.

This exhibition CULTURE CHANEL is dedicated to Coco Chanel, to her story and her relationship with books and reading. There, we can see Mademoiselle dressed in her signature suit and pearls uncovering the history of fashion on the white walls of a gallery. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel is revealed through her love for books and reading. From Greek authors like Homer and Plato to modern poets, her abundant library reveals the works that influenced her life, shaped her personality and inspired her creations. Inscriptions, archives, photographs, paintings, and drawings are nestled in and among a wardrobe of fashion creations that reveals, much like a library, the aesthetic vocabulary of Gabrielle Chanel, her taste for classicism and baroque, and her love for Russia and the golds of Venice. Art objects coming from her Paris apartment will be exhibited for the first time, along with jewelry pieces and perfumes which will outline the portrait whose life and creativity became a legend.

Inscriptions, archives, photographs, paintings and drawings are nestled in and among a wardrobe of fashion creations.


Culture Chanel. The Woman who reads
Ca’ Pesaro, Venice.
Until January 8, 2017