From Frida Kahlo to Diego Rivera and to the most avant-garde artists, the Mexique exhibition held in Grand Palais, Paris, is the largest event dedicated to Mexican art since 1953.

Since its independence from the Spanish monarchy in 1821, Mexico has never ceased to assert its willingness for change and spirit of modernity. With painting, sculpture, architecture, urbanism, music, literature, film and the applied arts the country has forged its identity. Offering a panorama of famous artists –Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Rufino Tamayo-, the exhibition tour is a testament to the genuine artistic creativity of Mexico throughout the 20th century.
Mexique (1900-1950), Grand Palais. Paris.
Until 23, January 2017.

Five decades of art we have all admired but never seen in the same place. Like a movie that brings together stories of men and women, passions and intrigues against the backdrop of the then Mexico…