It is in man’s nature to look for a path in the stars -even if we just raise our eyes towards the North Star, so we can head north.


Over the millennia, few things have changed. Our brain is infinitely more sophisticated but, again, scientists admit that most of it remains uncharted, a “terra incognita”. The weapons of science today are more accessible than ever, yet people turn to the sky to understand either the deep mystery of their own existence or the  happenings in the microworld they live in. After all, “as above, so below, as below, so above.” Everything that happens in the skies is reflected on Earth, everything that happens on Earth is also reflected in the skies. This ancient philosophical finding that was originally attributed to Hermes Trismegistus and even exists in the christian orthodox “Sunday Prayer” («ως εν ουρανώ κι επί της γης», as in heaven, so on earth) is the cornerstone of astrology.

Humanity, οverwhelmed by the massive changes of this last decade and especially the year 2020 is turning to astrology once again – the conscious, trying to understand, the less aware, in an attempt to find who is “to blame”.

One thing is for certain: there is no such thing as an astrological “culprit” and, if there ever could be, it would not be just one. However, if we are looking for the Lord of Great Change, the Rebel Angel, the executor of the Shock Doctrine, it’s no other than Uranus.

Uranus is the seventh planet in terms of distance from the Sun, the third largest and fourth in mass in our Solar System. Its name comes from the ancient Greek deity of the sky, who was the father of Saturn and the grandfather of Zeus. William Herschel discovered it on March 13th, 1781, extending the boundaries of the solar system for the first time in history. The distance from the immediately preceding planet of our solar system, Saturn, is approximately the same as that of Saturn from the center of our solar system, our Sun. Uranus was also the first planet that was discovered with a telescope.

Keep in mind these first two facts, as they are the key astrological features of Uranus: upon its discovery what we had hitherto considered to be our known universe doubled overnight, while the discovery itself was made possible by a remarkable, pioneering scientific invention of its time! Revelation and Innovation.

Revelation, Innovation, Diversity… This planet pulled back the veil of our hitherto belief of what we thought we knew about the universe and has already put as on with its queerness.


Rulership: Aquarius
Exaltation: Scorpio
Detriment: Leo
Fall: Taurus

It has an 80-year long full circle in the Zodiac and its annual movement is one of approximately 4ο 30’.

Uranus is the second of the “slow” planets, as we call those planets of our solar system that are beyond the frontier of Saturn. Astrologically, it is the ruler of the Great Awakening – literally speaking. The “blow”, the influence of Uranus on a scale of events, is the “bolt οut of the blue”, the completely unexpected, the night that transformed Saul into the Apostle Paul. It is a planet that always speaks of avant-garde, fellowship and revolution. It was discovered in 1781, the time when machines started to take dynamic part into people’s lives (especially in Europe) and to impose a new lifestyle, and a new way of work. It goes without saying that the changes that led to this new order were not a walk in the park, but happened accordingly to the quality of the planet’s energy: these changes were violent, sudden, and inevitable.

Celestial solutions are not just instantaneous. Most of the time they are also extremely “challenging” and disruptive, since the nature of the planet is to vehemently question anything that can be described as “imposed value” and to be unable to connect and understand restrictions, rules, hierarchies or traditions.

The planet is hostile to all forms of complacency, security and inaction. However, everything that each of us dreams of, is usually on the other side of our comfort zone- so, we can say that Uranus helps greatly in our personal, but also our group, social development.

Uranus is a lover of truth without adornments or embellishments while symbolizing freedom without limits and barriers. We can better understand if we think of how quickly and inevitably almost all revolutions in human history have turned into totalitarianism, tyranny and juntas. Without limits, the freedom of Uranus becomes criminal impunity.

The energy of Uranus is the invincible force that dissolves or overthrows the old in order to find a way for the new, the new structures, the new ideas. It is inextricably linked to advanced technology, the internet, aeronautics, astrology and interplanetary travel. It rules the strong will and determination, while in its field all the revolutionary, unexpected, thunderous and violently imposed changes and situations fall in.

Anatomically, Uranus rules the circulatory system and the epiphysis, while more… metaphysically it is connected to the spiritual awakening, the opening of the “third eye”.

As for its negative presents and gifts, Uranus is absolute, fanatic, crazy instead of intelligent while it is very easy, with negative aspects in a personal or even general horoscope, for the revolution to turn to totalitarianism and fascism. Under its influence, we easily overturn the old and the worn but it is impossible for us to accept that our own creation, our own idea, the famous “new” and “innovative” is also a human creation with problems and imperfections and that there will come a moment when it will also be overthrown and replaced. Remember the mythological Titan Uranus, who gave his name to the planet: he used to bury his children deep within the Earth so that he would never lose his heavenly power!

In our personal natal chart, Uranus shows the sectors that we tend to be rebellious. Depending on the sign and the house in which it is located and, of course, the faces that it forms, it shows the field in which we draw our hardlines and we are ready to tear down the old, the field in which we are innovative and universal, and we tend to “see” further ahead than others.


(a window on our immediate, tangible future)

On March 6th, 2019, Uranus passed into the sign of Taurus. It will remain there until July 7th, 2025 and then, from November 8th, 2025 until April 26th, 2026, due to its retrograde movement.  Taurus is the sign of fall for planet Uranus, the worst position of the Zodiac Circle for the planet to manifest its energy and properties.

Taurus is a sign of the Earth, the first one in line. In Taurus, there is Matter, realization, need, money and my needs, the sense of “I own” and what are the things that I own, food and nourishment, the earth as a material body and its offsprings, the body and its basic needs, the security of matter as a security vestibule of the soul, everything that has value for us but also the Values ​​that govern our lives.

Uranus is a catalyst and a rebel, an idealist and a thinker. But even in an unfamiliar field, Uranus has to do its work – and that is Overthrow, Revolution and Change.

Taurus is not an easy field – it is the falling point for Uranus. Humanity will react with obsession and attachment to everything considered as its property, to all things it knew and possessed. But Uranus has the mission to turn us to the spiritual realm, to lead us upwards, within ourselves, to wonder about the values ​​that govern our lives, to wonder if what we do to earth and to its creatures, what we do to each other, is worth any amount of money.

Uranus’ passage in the sign of Taurus is mainly related to money and material goods. Now is the time to have an economic revolution. We may have changes in the banking and tax system, even parallel currencies and changes in real estate. This concerns each of us individually as entities but also the world and states as a whole.

Obviously, whatever is now considered as property will be revisited and overturned, our unfair and oligarchic financial system will collapse or will be forced to change fundamentally (perhaps overnight).

On a deeper inner level, Uranus in its point of fall is the thunderbolt out of the blue that can awaken us and yes, it is up to us to wake up and not be hurt and left thunderstruck and burnt to the ground. It is time to move away from the obsession and attachment to matter and the lower earthly field of Taurus, and level up: Taurus also speaks of enjoyment and gain, joy, safety, abundance and fullness. These are the things we really need and deep down we know that it is not a matter of money, but a matter of spirit and soul. So, on a personal level, we must put Money and Matter in place where they belong, which is not exile but rational use. Money is a servant of the People, People use Money, not the other way around. We must turn within ourselves and above – the request of Uranus is literally “as above so below”. We need to see what unites us, what is it that we all have in common. Beyond the inevitability of death, we all have the same joys, the same sorrows, the same dreams. We are united by ideals, blood ties, our common history or a simple, humane gesture. In the years to come, the more united, altruistic, solidary, intelligent, humanistic and loving we are, the more will we avoid the fall of Uranus. The thunderbolt of the Ruler of the Great Change will not be a threat and a fright, but a flash of light and an inconceivable driving force and energy.

A brave, new world is rising – and the dark is always deeper just before dawn. So let’s focus on the spring of the light and let’s wait for it with joy.


Elisavet Speridis

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