Guarding the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier has for centuries been Europe’s gateway to Africa and the door that led travelers into the exotic world of Morocco.  In the winding streets, lush gardens and breathtaking palaces, artists, writers and bohemian socialites have all fallen under Morocco’s spell. AERIN uncovers a secret door to the mystery and splendor of this alluring destination.
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-If you could describe Morocco as a sound, what would it be? A taste? Smell? Sight? Texture?

Sound: Busy Market, Taste: Saffron, Smell: Vanilla, Sight: Color, especially orange, Texture: Tiles

-What is your favorite part of the culture in Morocco?

The souks in Marrakech. They are famous for the incredible array of Moroccan treasures like embroidered tunics, colored glass, jewelry, spices, and ceramics. I found a striking terracotta tagine serving platter that I still wish I had taken home with me. It is on my wishlist for when I return (hopefully soon!).


 “I absolutely fell in love with Morocco and the colours, the scents, the wonderful different textures, the mystery of it

-What were your inspirations for creating AERIN Tangier Vanille?

Tangier Vanille was inspired by the mystery and splendor of Morocco. Tangier – like Morocco itself – is a crossroads where many cultures meet.  The scents of spices from everywhere – like vanilla, cinnamon and saffron – fill the air.  From the palaces and gardens to the legendary bazaars, there’s always something new to explore. The center of the medina in Marrakech is very inspiring, full of charm and rich colors.

Tangier Vanille is a unique combination of notes that remind me of Morocco, especially vanilla and bergamot.

Olfactive Classification: Fluid Oriental Vanilla

North African tribal prints inspired the packaging for Tangier Vanille. The hand-painted design with shades of chocolate brown and creamy ecru represent the fragrance notes – dark, exotic elements paired with the hero, vanilla.

-What makes AERIN Tangier Vanille unique to the industry?

The storytelling and feeling that a fragrance creates is what makes it unique.  Tangier Vanille is not just a fragrance but is a complete experience. The fragrance is a secret door that leads you into the mystery and splendor of Morocco.

– What were your inspirations for creating AERIN Tangier Vanille?

Visit the market, go for a hike in the dessert, go on a camel ride and have an authentic dinner in a tented room drinking mint tea after a day of shopping.

– How would you describe your style when you are in Morocco?  What do you pack?

I pack white pants, great tunics, a great pair of flat sandals for all of the walking and a big tote bag.

– How does Morocco inspire your other AERIN lines, home and style?

Morocco is a source of inspiration throughout all of our categories. It is an inspiration for the colors we use, the use of gold throughout the entire brand adds a bohemian flair. sandals for all of the walking and a big tote bag.


Tangier Vanille Body Cream 150ml

Tangier Vanille Eau de Parfum 50ml

Tangier Vanille Body Wash

“Tangier Vanille was inspired by the mystery and splendor of Tangier in Morocco—a crossroads of many cultures.”