Founder and inspiration behind the niche beauty boutique Heaven on Earth in Athens, Ellie Mantis, on herself, beauty, her passions, and the little things that make life more exciting.


“My passion for perfumes, cosmetics and trends began at a very early age. My mother collected perfumes and I remember as young as the age of four, being captivated by the scents & bottles she would bring back from her international travels.
In my teenage years, I had a strong desire to be different, to create my own identity in which I placed a large emphasis on detail and quality… It was during those years that I also began developing the ability to spot products which would later become trends. This trait, combined with my entrepreneurial spirit, were the building blocks of Heaven on Earth.
After completing my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering and my Masters in Shipping, Trade & Finance, I moved to Greece and was surprised to see that all the alternative brands which I had grown up using didn’t exist in the local market.
In 1998 Ι decided to create Heaven on Earth with Danae Hadjieleftheriadou. A luxury beauty boutique in which the discerning consumer could find international cosmetics and home brands, in a non-pretentious, friendly environment. The name was inspired by the way we wanted a customer to feel when they entered our store and used our products”.

“I am a huge creature of habit, so if something works for me I try not to change it up. My take on makeup is less is more and I really prefer a natural look”.

How do you discover a new brand, and with what criteria do you decide to bring it to Greece?

Those who know me will tell you that I have a very high standard for quality. When I come across a brand that inspires me, the first thing I do is buy it and try it myself. The aesthetic of the packaging is based on my personal preferences and the quality is based on my experience. One of the first brands we launched in Greece in 1999 was Annick Goutal Fragrances. I first discovered the brand at the age of 15 and still remember the “wow effect” I felt when I laid my eyes on the beautiful, boudoir-style bottles for the very first time.

-How did Heaven on Earth become part of Folli Follie Group, one of the major fashion and beauty organizations in Greece?

The FF Group owners, the Koutsolioutsos family, are visionaries. They identified with the quality of the concept and saw its potential for future growth.

-Is the store in Kifissia only the first step to a new nationwide chain of beauty boutiques? Are you thinking globally as well as locally?

The FF Group intends to expand the Heaven on Earth brand in the Greek market as well as internationally.

“In my teenage years, I had a strong desire to be different, to create my own identity in which I placed a large emphasis on detail and quality”


Afroditi Sarisamli

Panos Davios

Sophia Tsakiri

Make up:
Vaggelis Thodos x Dolce&Gabbana Beauty