The collection of the signature perfume Si by Giorgio Armani has obtained many distinguished scents, since its first launch back in 2013.  Si Eau de Toilette, Si Intense, Si Huile de Parfum, Si Rose Signature, as well as limited editions and seasonal releases are only some of the fragrances created in the last three years. And now, a new sensation Si Le Parfum comes as a new edition to join the Armani Si fragrance family.
On the eve of the launch of Si Le Parfum, its creator Julie Massé talks to the CODE|Magazine in an exclusive interview…

Name: Julie Massé
Known for: Sì, Sì Intense, Sì EdT, Sì Rose Signature (In collaboration with C.Nagel), Pivoine Suzhou-Armani Prive (In collaboration with C. Matton)
Where to find her: In Paris
First Scent Memory: A blend of woodsy, papery grasses and tea…a very natural, slightly dry woody smell from Japan.
Favorite Smell: The orange tree in all its forms, blossom, fruit, rind, leaf, neroli.
Favorite Ballet: Nutcracker
Inspiration: Japanese culture and city’s graphic universe.

Sparkling and full of life, Julie Massé is born in Tokyo where she lived till her 5 years old. Julie Massé has always lived in a world surrounded by fragrance and its language. Her father worked in the world of perfume in Tokyo and Grasse, the perfume capital of France; it was very natural and instinctive for her to end up working in the world of scent. She studied Chemistry and Perfumery in Isipca and she started her career at the heart of raw materials, in the quality control department of a fragrance house. She had the opportunity to become a Junior perfumer under the wing of Pierre Bourdoon for 3 years. Then she enhanced her own creativity alongside Christine Nagel. She joined the Fine Frangrance Creation team of MANE in 2010.

Julie Massé is the perfumer who developed the aroma of the new scent Si Le Parfum. In this new concentration, luscious and tangy scents of blackcurrant are blended with fresh citrus notes of bergamot. The heart is a combination of floral tones which awake the senses with osmanthus and jasmine to surround in an elegant way the sensual Chypre notes of patchouli leaves, amber, benzoin and vanilla.

Giorgio Armani’s new Si Le Parfum concentration has a solid amber effusion with blackcurrant in the opening tracing the origins of the initial fragrance while bergamot, vanilla and patchouli come to the play for this edition creating a sensual Chypre perfume.

Cate Blanchett remains the muse of Giorgio Armani’s Si perfume collection and we can enjoy her in her new advertisement campaign for Si Le Parfum.

Cate Blanchett - Si Le Parfum

 Made in the highest perfume concentration with 25% essential oils, say Sì to passion, power and sophistication.

– Si Le Parfum is defined as Chypre Floral Scent. What does it mean?

The perfume called Chypre was created by Francois Coty in 1917. An accord of oakmoss, labdanum, patchouli and bergamot was the source of this family, which mainly contains women’s fragrances such as the prestigious Mitsuko by Guerlain, Femme by Rochas and Miss Dior by Dior.  Except of these perfumes-archetypes, in the perfume market there are modern Chypre perfumes such as Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir, Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and Narciso Rodriguez for her.  The unique element of the Chypre perfumes is that people who like them are addicted to them and always get back to the category of Chypre perfumes.
The new Si Le Parfum, is a reinvention of Chypre with fine synthetic row materials, 5% patchouli -and not 20% as the classic Chypre perfumes- mixed with flowers and the unique notes of blackcurrant nectar. These blackcurrant notes are extracted with a new technology which make the smell more elegant and discrete. Another innovation of the formula is that we replaced oakmoss –one of the 4 row materials of the Chypre recipe- with evernia which makes the structure lighter.



Si Le Parfum


Afroditi Sarisamli

Giorgio Armani
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