With her signature eclectic tomboy style, Amsterdam based fashion influencer Linda Tol has earned a supportive Instagram following and numerous street-style appearances in many fashion magazines. The outstanding jet-setting fashionista shares with Christina-Maria Kravvari, The Code’s Global Fashion Executive her sartorial fashion rules and beyond.
-How would you describe your style in 5 words…

Androgynous with a feminine touch.

-Which are your wardrobe staples…

Jeans,  Blazer, T-shirt (summer), Cashmere Turtleneck (winter),  Oversized Coat, Button down shirt (slightly oversized), Wide leg trousers, Mini Skirt, Trainers

 -Decode your power-dressing uniform…

Oversized jeans in combination with a blouse and ankle boots. A mini skirt in combination with a hoodie and trainers.  An oversized coat in combination with jeans and t-shirt.
It’s all about the mix and match of different styles. I love to wear jeans because I love their versatility.

-What’s always in your bag…

A phone charger, Lipbalm, wallet, vegan bar, lipstick. 

-What’s your perfect party look…

I feel always the most confident and fierceness version of myself in a well-tailored smoking suit with a pair of heels. I usually add a red lipstick and fancy clutch to give a more festive vibe.

the code magazine Linda Tol fashion rules


Christina-Maria Kravvari

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