La Mer

Dr. Huber believed the sea was a miraculous resource and sea kelp, with its endless ability to regenerate itself, its nourishing properties and the powerful way it retained moisture, held promise and hope. Then as now, the kelp was hand- harvested and fermented gently with simple, pure ingredients. For 3–4 months, these ingredients were nurtured and infused with light and sound, until they became the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth, soul of the cream that renewed and helped restore the look of his skin. Today, the Miracle Broth lies at the heart of every La Mer product. La Mer’s profound powers of transformation are derived from potent, highly active ingredients like nutrient-rich algae, protective antioxidant extracts and semi-precious stones.

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La Mer

The Mist


La Mer

The Tonic

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