Passion, danger, provocation, seduction, excitation. Red is adrenaline, fireworks, alert, the color of shame or anger on the cheeks. It is the color equivalent of a kiss. Red is the epitome of passion. 


Alexander McQueen: The usage of red color always encompassed a deep sense of its historical and cultural significance, most of the time expressing its pagan as well as its sadomasochistic inspiration.


Boots: This season it’s red boots everywhere. Kitten-heel patent-leather ankle boots, red leather knee-high boots, short ones with a square low heel as well as pointed-toe cowboy boots for edgy looks.

the CODE Magazine | Decoding Red - Victoria Beckham FW18


Christian Louboutin... and his red sole. As he has revealed, the idea came from the Pensée shoe, which was inspired from Warhol’s 1964 collection “Flowers”. “When the prototype of the shoe I had designed arrived from Italy, I felt something was missing. I realized it was this black sole that bothered me”. In a moment of incredible inspiration, he snatched his assistant’s nail polish and started painting the sole. And then “boom! It popped up exactly like my drawing, and I thought, this is it”.


Diana Vreeland: The fashion guru lived steeped in red. In Horst’s famous photo shoot in her all-red house, she posed lying on her red sofa in a red dress in her inimitable Kabuki-like makeup – a decorative style which she described as “garden in hell”.

Deep Orange: A shade of red that has the energy of a vitamin C tablet and it is as juicy as an orange. We saw it on catwalks of Dries Van Noten, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Emilio Pucci.


Earrings: This year earrings are a “statement” accessory. Big and bright red. Match them with an all-black ensemble or, for the boldest of you, with a total red look!


Givenchy: Recommended a more refined version of red, signaling the end of Riccardo Tisci’s reign. Thus, all of the designer’s iconic and successful creations, such as the tailored coats and lucid tulle dresses, were redefined into the so-called Givenchy Red.


Kate Moss: With the title “Royal Salute”, Kate Moss featured on the cover of the December 2001 British Vogue, wearing a red Giorgio Armani dress and a replica royal crown. Nick Knight did the photo shoot and the cover of the magazine’s festive issue combined fashion with symbols of power since the following year was the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. The Professional Publisher’s Association (PPA) called it “cover of the century”.


Lipstick: If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, red lipstick is her fearless ally. The first metal lipstick container was invented by Maurice Levy in 1915, making it thus easier to use. Little has changed ever since. During World War II, cosmetics advertisers created politically-charged red lipstick ads. They encouraged women to be pretty as a civic duty, as well as a right to be feminine under any circumstances. In the ‘50s there was not a single Hollywood star who didn’t wear red lipstick. It remains to this day a symbol of femininity and passion.


Silver Screen: A red dress always stole the limelight on the silver screen, as did the star that wore them. In Gone with the Wind, Vivienne Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara wore a long burgundy-red velvet ball gown. The everlasting sex symbols Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, were dressed in red in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. Αround the same time, young Audrey Hepbrun in the last scenes of Funny Face wore a red strapless ball gown by Hubert de Givenchy.


Valentino: This is news! The fashion house traditionally related to red, did not propose a very fiery shade. Pierpaolo Piccioli, the fashion house creative director, softened the shade considerably. For example, he used a bright burgundy-red overlay on a dress under a layer of white lace.

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Mikaella Theofilou