La Mer premiers “Ways to love La Mer”. Five poetic videos in a global digital campaign starring Kate Hudson. They were filmed in the impressive locations of Iceland.

The campaign was launched on March 1, 2018. La Mer has been transforming skin for over 50 years, so In celebration of its legacy the luxury skincare brand presented 5 videos named “Ways to Love La Mer” on a global digital campaign that personifies the virtues and versatility of its moisturizers. The campaign was conceived as a dreamlike odyssey through the tenets of the brand. At the center is Kate Hudson, a lifelong La Mer devotee. Through her own voice, passions and experiences, she illustrates how beauty rituals can transcend time and place.
“I remember my Mom giving me Crème de la Mer as a Christmas present when I was just a teen”, reminisces Hudson. “I immediately knew that it was a huge change from what I’d been using on my face. I was forever hooked”. And like La Mer, the star has an affinity for the ocean. “I have always had a deep connection to the ocean. It is such a powerful force and is always there for us, no matter what”.
The campaign embodies the brand’s legendary skin healing properties by dedicating each film to a benefit that La Mer moisturizers are known for: Rich, Cool, Balanced, Sheer and Soft. Each film was shot across Iceland, a location chosen for its amazing aquatic geography punctuated by waterfalls, mineral baths, lakes, oceans and glaciers.
Shot by French filmmaker Loren Denis, a Hudson favorite, the films feature the award-winning Hudson reflecting in moments of solitude by the water on her adoration and deep connection to the brand.

the code magazine La Mer Kate Hudson campaign 2018
the code magazine La Mer Kate Hudson campaign 2018


  • A Rich Obsession (Crème de la Mer), shot against the Porufoss waterfall. Watch the video
  • A Cool Phenomenon (The NEW Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream), shot at the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Watch the video
  • A Balanced Affair (The Moisturizing Matte Lotion), shot on a black sand beach in Reykjanesta. Watch the video
  • A Sheer Passion (The Moisturizing Soft Lotion), shot at the Secret Lagoon. Watch the video
  • A Soft Emotion (The Moisturizing Soft Cream), shot in a modern private home near Reykjavík. Watch the video
    The campaign launches with La Mer’s latest moisture hero: The New Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream. An ultra-fresh, lightweight formula that soothes and calms the complexion, the new moisturizer delivers healing moisture with the renewing energies of the iconic Miracle Broth, the nutrient-rich ingredient at the heart of every La Mer treatment.


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