The two talented jewel designers, Ileana Makri and Lito, have a lot to say about their art and their collections, visions, secrets, wishes for the future. They describe Greece in one word and propose their reasons to hope during the years of the crisis. 


-When and where all started?

It all started when I was a kid in Athens…that is when I fell in love with miniatures and jewelry which for me was micro-sculpture. I spent most of my teenage years in a workshop watching at how it was being made. It is a strong relationship that was built since then with precious metals and stones.

-What is the source of inspiration for your collections?

Inspiration is something that triggers feelings that need to be expressed. I express them by making jewelry. The one I love most is my thread band.

-How would you describe the woman who wears your jewelry?

She likes classic pieces, but with a twist. She is not loud, knows what she wants and cherishes her independence.

-What is your vision?

I live each day at a time and only plan the near future. My only long term vision is to see a world without child abuse and for that I have dedicated myself to this cause.

-During the Greek crisis what motivates you or makes you stronger?

The Greek crisis itself is my motivation. We have to get over it, understand what went wrong and fight to fix it. It will not be easy but it is possible.

the code magazine Ileana Makri jewels designer
the code magazine Lito jewels Greek designer


-When and where all started?

In 1999 I opened my first Flag store in Athens. It was more an Open Studio where clients could walk in and request one off pieces from all the materials I would collect from my travels around the world.

-How would you describe the woman who wears your jewelry?

Women who dare to be themselves, women who have a style of their own, women that are fashionable in their unique way. Women that celebrate their individuality!

-What is your vision?

Building a strong global brand identity and focusing in retail that is directly managed by our company.

-And your secret wish?

Health, Love and Peace for everyone!

-During the Greek crisis what motivates you?

Creativity. Good product. Good management.

-If you could describe Greece with your senses, what would it be?