The cult status of Omorovicza (pronounced “o-mor-o-veet-sa”) is built upon traditions and true serendipity; its success story a coincidence of fate, luck, hard work and Budapest’s rich lode of heritage. From mineral-packed cleansers to award-winning mud masks and oh-so-indulgent creams and spritzes – investing in this skincare line is something that your skin will thank you for.

First, a history lesson…

Omorovicza has a unique heritage and compelling history of provenance that characterizes the formulation of each product in the range. The story dates back some 2000 years ago to the birth of the ancient thermal springs of the Hungarian capital of Budapest, the ‘International SPA City’ (it got this title in the 1930s).  Renowned for its thermal baths, Budapest is referred to as the city of spas for having more thermal springs than any other capital in the world because there, the Earth’s crust is so thin that waters can rise closer to the surface. The heat penetration from the sun is greater, so the mineral-rich, brittle rocks can be absorbed more effectively in the waters. These waters are remarkable due to their mineral composition. 

In the 19th century, Omorovicza family built the beautiful Rácz spa in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, on the site of a medieval healing spring. 

Thermal Baths in Budapest // the Omorovicza story

A beauty brand is born…

Some 200 years later, a descendant of the Omorovicza family was drawn back to the beautiful city of Budapest to explore his roots. Here, Stephen de Heinrich met Margaret, a young American diplomat, and the pair forged a future together.  Relaxing at Budapest’s ancient thermal baths, the couple were amazed by the transformative effects the mineral-rich spa waters had on their skin and saw the potential to harness these benefits in a skincare range.  Stephen and Margaret were inspired by the fascinating history of the thermal waters of Hungary, their millennial therapeutic application and the countless tales of miracle cures attributed to various Hungarian springs.
I had lived in Hungary for quite a while before I went to visit a bath. I went with [my husband Stephen] and we got in the water and I remember him telling me the history. I had such a positive experience. One, I found it enchanting. I found it so distinctly different from any experience of beauty I had in North America. But more importantly, for someone like myself who had experienced severe skin issues my whole life, after I got out and the water had evaporated and minerals were left, I had never experienced such a positive change to my skin. And that is what drove my enthusiasm.  There is a great sense of health and wellbeing in these waters. I always say that 20 to 30 minutes in these baths and you feel like you’ve run 10 miles. It’s just a wonderful sensation.” Margaret de Heinrich, recalls.

In 2005, Stephen and Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza enlisted the help of a Hungarian Nobel Prize-winning laboratory and began to experiment with techniques to distill the long known benefits of the thermal waters into a luxurious skincare line. Omorovicza was born: a range of powerful anti-aging skincare that incorporates a unique patented delivery process, to empower genuine healing. The products deliver astonishing anti-aging results and the kind of glowing skin you just can’t fake.








What else you should know…

Omorovicza products are powered by their patented Hydro Mineral Transference delivery system formulated by a Nobel Prize-winning laboratory, and a potent blend of Hungary’s mineral-rich healing waters famed for its firming and youthful effects. This is combined with essential oils, the finest vitamins and other natural ingredients from across the globe. To uphold the philosophy of purity, Omorovicza contains no parabens, petrochemicals, silicones and synthetics. The products are naturally fragranced and use high-performance, naturally derived alternatives to commonly used synthetics.

The best place to experience this for yourself is the flagship Omorovicza spa and boutique, which occupies an elegant building on Budapest’s smart Andrássy Avenue. Treatments involve lying on heated, terrycloth-covered waterbeds where the therapists will cleanse, scrub, massage and pamper you to perfection. If you’re staying at the Four Seasons in the city you can get the same experience at the hotel’s spa, which also offers Omorovicza treatments.


Omorovicza Boutique and Spa, 2 Andrassy út, 1061 Budapest, Hungary.
Tel +36 1 302 4604