You follow a balanced diet, yet you lose more hair than you should, your nails are brittle, and your skin could definitely look better. Maybe it is time for a supplement, but why should you need it, if your diet is balanced? 

The answer could be quite simple: first of all, there are certain elements that even the best diet could not provide sufficiently (trace elements are a perfect example). And secondly, because, within the functions of the human body, hair and nails -even skin- are of minor priority, compared to others. So, even if your diet is more or less balanced, the nutrients are used by the body primarily for other needs. 

Especially as hair is concerned, this event, combined with the fact that hair cells are the second fastest-produced cells of our body (thus have huge energy requirements), we can easily understand why so many people deal with hair problems (loss, brittleness, itchy scalp, loss of shine etc.)

Who could benefit from a supplement?
If you eat and sleep well, you have your stress levels under control, you even find some time to exercise, and you still feel your skin is dull, your hair is weak, and your nails are brittle, then a supplement could really help you. Also, if you are vegetarian, vegan or a person with a high-pressure lifestyle that makes you eat not-so-healthily, a supplement could be an excellent idea, since you are not always getting the full spectrum of hair, skin & nails-healthy nutrients.

And a last word of caution
Let the supplement do its work, but you should do your part too: cleanse your skin correctly, use your moisturizers regularly, take good care of your hair with a good shampoo and the appropriate mask, avoid harsh hairstyles, mind your nails, avoid having non-stop semi-permanent of permanent manicure, and letting your nails “breath” from time to time. 

Solgar Skin Hair and Nails Supplement


Human bodies have different needs; nonetheless, there are certain common elements, which help the maintenance of the skin’s good health, as well as the strengthening of your hair and brittle nails. Some of them, you can get through food, but for some, you may need a hand from a reliable skin, hair and nails supplement. 


Proteins, and especially amino-acids, are the building blocks of hair and nails, that affect the rate of growth dramatically. Although the optimisation of the daily diet should be a priority, still, a supplement could help tremendously, especially within the diet of vegans and vegetarians. 


Organic sulfur is vital for almost all body functions. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a high bioavailable organic sulfur that improves overall health (especially combined with Vitamin C), while giving excellent results in many specific cases, such as broken nails and weak hair.

Vitamin C

The powerful force of our immune system and an essential vitamin for the production of collagen, it plays a significant role in the way our hair looks: healthy, shiny, lustrous. All citruses (oranges, tangerines, lemons, etc.) red and green peppers, strawberries and broccoli are excellent sources of vitamin C. 

Fatty acids

Found in some foods such as nuts, seeds, fish, seafood and algae, such as red algae, fatty acids are essential for body function as they provide material for prostaglandins, agents that increase and reduce inflammation in the human body. Research shows that it helps relieve dry, itchy scalp or reduce oily skin. Fatty acids help balance the production of sebum in the body and improve the quality of hair and skin.


Zinc is only a trace element, but essential to many biological processes, such as carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, as well as the breakdown of other micronutrients. The breakdown and utilisation of these nutrients is essential to hair growth – especially protein.

Zinc deficiency is quite common, mainly due to its scarce bioavailability (not easily absorbed by the body), that is why supplements that contain this precious trace element are often beneficial.

Studies show that low levels of zinc are associated with some forms of hair weakness, which supplements can help to correct. However, if hair issues persist, or if you feel you are losing more hair, it’s recommended to get it checked out by a doctor.

Editor’s Pick 

Our choice is Skin, Nails and Hair by SOLGAR®, an advanced nutritional formula designed to promote good hair, skin and nail health. It provides all the essential nutrients that the human body needs for the biosynthesis of collagen and keratin, while the presence of Vitamin C, proline, lysine, zinc, combined with other nutrients, promotes strong and healthy hair, strong nails and, youthful, radiant skin!



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