Detox is a buzzword in the wellness universe. Even if there is no formal definition of the word itself, when it comes to our skin, the so-called “detoxifying” treatments have a very specific aim: to cleanse/purge our body & face from pollution, makeup, and bacteria that ends up sitting on our epidermis, clogging our pores.
Make sure you have everything ready for a “Green” Face and/or Body Detox: Sea salts, antioxidants, soft clay and algae, and other marine plants, the best, most purifying ingredients found in face and body care products.
Are you ready? Let’s get started!


Aside from washing your face every night which really is the best and first defense when it comes to detoxifying your skin, once a week  indulge in a home spa ritual.

If your skin is lifeless, it’s likely not just because you’re tired. It could be that your top layer is not exfoliating correctly, which leads to build-up of dead skin cells and overall dullness. To help regain that bright, glowy quality, boost skin regeneration by exfoliating, hydrating, and delivering a few essential key ingredients.  

 Start with Huile Micellaire by Decleor. We are obsessed with this ultra-sensorial oil because it removes even the most stubborn make-up in a flash, even from the eyes, leaving skin feeling perfectly cleansed.  Free from mineral oils, artificial colourings and parabens is the perfect choice to start your beauty detox regimen. Use it in pair with your Mia2 Clarisonic to gently exfoliate and boost skin regeneration.

After washing, close your eyes and mist directly onto face, neck and décolletage a restorative antioxidant facial mist like Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Mist. Leaves skin soft, hydrated and looking radiant. 


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